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10 Little Known Facts About the Andy Griffith Show

  1. Barney FifeThe show was originally supposed to be called “Danny Thomas Goes to Mayberry” and was actually a backdoor pilot for a potential spin-off.
  2. The town of Mayberry was based on Andy Griffith’s hometown of Mount Airy, North Carolina.
  3. Griffith and Don Knotts were actually good friends in real life, and their on-screen chemistry was a result of their natural friendship.
  4. Frances Bavier, who played Aunt Bee, was actually a trained stage actress and was originally hesitant to take the role.
  5. The character of Gomer Pyle was originally only supposed to appear in one episode, but his popularity led to a spin-off series called “Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.”
  6. In 1965, Andy Griffith (1960-1968) sixth season premiered in color, becoming one of CBS’ earliest shows to do so. The episodes that follow this transition stretch the limits of Mayberry’s fictional white world, integrating (on a few occasions) characters of color.
  7. In order to make the show feel more authentic, the writers would often use real-life stories and experiences from the cast and crew.
  8. The famous whistling theme song was actually written by the show’s composer, Earle Hagen, and was inspired by the sound of a real-life jail door slamming.
  9. The character of Barney Fife was originally supposed to be a much more serious and straight-laced character, but Don Knotts added his own comedic spin to the role.
  10. The show’s popularity led to a boom in tourism for the town of Mount Airy, which still attracts fans of the show to this day.

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