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11 Tiny Secrets Every Girl Has

Date: 2019-09-23 17:00:05

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Every girl has her small personal habits and secrets. Some girls believe in omens, some cry while watching soap operas or wear their boyfriend’s T-shirts. And some girls even do things embarrassing enough to tell anyone about them. But we decided to lay all the cards on the table and talk about some strange and unusual situations every girl’s ever been in.

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Used her bra instead of a purse 0:03
Faked liking something 0:16
Ate crumbs that fall on her chest 0:33
Sniffed shirts to check if they’re fresh 0:52
Cut her own bangs just like the hairdresser 1:09
Fantasized about her Wedding with a cute guy she just met 1:26
Forgot to wash her makeup off before bed 1:48
Got carried away using a wetwipe to clean everything around 2:02
Unlike the guys, at least once washed her hair and not her body 2:22
Used expired makeup because “It still looks good!” 2:44
Found stray hairs in…unexpected places 3:01

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