Bewitched - Samantha Stevens Did You Know - 

“Bewitched” Samantha’s Little Known Fact

In “Bewitched,” the character of Samantha Stephens, played by Elizabeth Montgomery, was known for her magical nose twitch. However, in the show’s pilot episode, Samantha’s magic was initially activated by her wiggling her finger rather than the famous nose twitch. The nose twitch was later introduced as a more subtle and whimsical way to showcase Samantha’s spellcasting abilities.

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Andy Griffith Interesting Fact Did You Know - 

That Andy Griffith Started Out As a …

Andy Griffith, an iconic American actor, was known for his charming portrayal of Sheriff Andy Taylor in the TV series “The Andy Griffith Show.” Notably, he began his career as a monologist (the speaker or writer of a monologue) and recorded a comedy album, “What It Was, Was Football,” which became a hit. Griffith’s versatile talents extended to Broadway, film, and music, making him a beloved figure in entertainment. And the rest is history ! 

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