Happy May Everyone !

Well, the month of May has come and so the warmer weather is just about upon us, except for our Boomers in the southern hemisphere where winter is right around the corner ! In April I’ve added several new classic TV shows (“My Three Sons” was just added yesterday) and many more classic movies. “Big Band” Era videos and music were also added. Glen Miller for starters, and more ! Our parents really loved these bands, didn’t they ?

For the month of April I would like to give a big
“Thank You” to our friends who donated a “Boomer Buck” to Boomerflix via Paypal in April ! I appreciate you so much as you really help keep BoomerFlix online.

Marilyn G. | Tyler M. | Sandy C. | David M. | Than G. | Sherry T. | Don L. | Lawrence R. & Cindy O. 

Well, that’s it for now folks ! Please stay safe out there during these uncertain times.






We hope you are enjoying BoomerFlix !