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On This Day in 1950 – “What’s My Line” debuted on CBS television.

What’s My Line


On February 2, 1950, a revolutionary new game show called “What’s My Line” debuted on CBS television.

This classic television show was unlike anything that had ever been seen before and quickly became a fan favorite.

Hosted by John Charles Daly and featuring a panel of celebrities who tried to guess the occupation of mystery guests, this show put an interesting twist on traditional game shows.

Not only did viewers tune in to watch the celebrity panelists try and guess the occupations of each guest, but they also enjoyed seeing some well-known faces from film and television appear as contestants.

During its long run from 1950 to 1967, “What’s My Line” featured some of Hollywood’s biggest stars such as Bette Davis, Walt Disney, Richard Nixon and Ella Fitzgerald.


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