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On this day in 1983 – “M*A*S*H” the final episode aired on CBS. The TV movie was entitled “Goodbye, Farewell, Amen.”

MASH Final Episode


On February 8, 1983, the world said goodbye to one of the most beloved shows in history: MASH.

After an 11-season run, the show ended with a two-hour series finale entitled “Goodbye, Farewell, Amen” that was watched by an incredible 125 million viewers.

It set a record for being the most watched episode of any television show at that time – and still holds that record today!

The finale was poignant and heartwarming. The heartfelt ending featured many fan favorite characters from throughout the show’s run saying goodbye to each other as they wrapped up their tour in Korea and prepared to return home from war.

The episode struck a chord with many viewers who could relate to saying goodbye after spending so much time together in a unique setting such as war or medical camp.

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