Fantasy Island Classic Television 

Fantasy Island – Featured Classic TV Show

At a luxurious and remote tropical island resort, the enigmatic overseer Mr. Roarke somehow makes the secret dreams or fantasies of his well-connected guests come true, although through some odd twists of fate those “fantasies” can occasionally turn those dreams into nightmares. He is assisted by Tattoo, a little helper who iconicly shouts out  “Da plane! Da plane!” as the arrival of the current guest plane approaches overhead. In the final season of the series, Roarke is joined by Lawrence, a dapper Englishman. The show featured new guest stars every…

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Annette Funicello Mickey Mouse Club Serial Classic Television 

Annette Funicello Series on The Mickey Mouse Club

For the fans of the classic Mickey Mouse  Club, we’ve added the mini-series “Annette” which aired on the 1957-1958 season of the show. It features Annette Funicello as a poor orphaned country girl who goes to live with her affluent Uncle Archie and Aunt Lila McCleod. You’ll notice that Uncle Archie is played by Richard Deacon and Aunt Lila is played by Sylvia Field (Mrs Wilson of Dennis The Menace fame). Many other familiar faces join the cast ! The series is comprised of 19 short 10 minute episodes so…

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