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Would You Survive If You Fell into a Volcano?

Date: 2019-10-28 03:00:04

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Volcanos are essentially hollow mountains filled with toxic gas and hot molten rock. They’re just as rocky and shelfy on the inside as they are on the outside. Temperatures inside a volcano can top 2,000°F. That means pretty much anything but titanium or platinum, which won’t melt until they hit a toasty 3,000°F, will drip-drip-drip into nothing.

But humans can survive falling into a volcano! A Maasai porter fell into a Tanzania volcano back in 2007 and lived to tell the tale. Of course, he didn’t come out untouched by the hot molten rock, but he survived! It seemed like a miracle, but – with a little help from our old friend Adrenaline – the man managed to climb out!

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What adrenaline does to your body 0:37
A volcano’s temperature 1:37
Why we flail our arms when we fall 2:45
What magma actually is 4:44
Is it possible to survive there? 5:48

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– Adrenal glands release when your brain’s alarm system senses danger. It triggers your body’s “fight or flight response.”
– You’ll immediately feel your heart speed up, making you quicker. Sugars in your blood break down, and your breathing gets faster.
– We instantly flail our arms when we fall because it helped our primate ancestors. At least, according to Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.
– Generations later, the instinct to flail your arms persists, and good news! It just might save you when you fall into that volcano! The more you move your arms, the more likely you are to grasp hold of a ledge.
– Magma is simply a fancy word for liquid rock. But don’t let the word “liquid” fool you – this stuff is thick! No, you won’t bounce off it like a trampoline, but you won’t sink into it either.
– In May of 2019, a 32-year-old soldier hopped over the guardrail of Kilauea, an active shield volcano in Hawaii.
– Lucky, too, that the man was physically fit. He was a soldier, after all! Not necessarily a smart one. The man managed to land on a narrow ledge.
– It took more than 2 hours, but a daring crew rappelled into the crater and rescued the rail-hopper. They hauled him out safely, and a helicopter flew him to the hospital.
– All this should give you hope, but it should also teach you one valuable lesson: when it comes to guardrails, they put those there for a reason, so stay on the right side!

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